Thermal Spray Products

Our thermal spray product range falls into four main equipment categories plus a supporting range of materials (thermal spray wires and powder) plus accessories.

We have a wide range of equipment options to suit a variety of application and customer specific requirements.

Selection of the most appropriate system will depend on many factors including the application, spray material(s), coating requirements, user knowledge/experience and local environment to name but a few.

In addition to the products shown, we can also offer turnkey thermal spray installations, ranging from a simple booth and extractor, through to dedicated automation systems to spray pipes, LPG cylinders, multivoid tubes and ERW tubes.

Automating the process helps reduce waste and costs whilst improving quality and productivity. Please contact Metallisation to discuss your automation requirements.

Please contact Metallisation or a local distributor for assistance in making the right choice for your application.

Thermal Spray Products Range:

Arc Spray

Flame Spray

Plasma Spray



Turnkey Solutions


Wires & Powders