TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) for CUI

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The video shows the preparation and application of Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) to protect pipelines and vessels against atmospheric corrosion and Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).
This clip illustrates the complete process of applying Thermal Sprayed Aluminium to deliver effective corrosion protection or an (estimated) 20+ years.

After the Thermal Spray Aluminium has been applied, the blast profile is measured and saved to be used in an audit at a later date. Next, the site is inspected with a 10X illuminated magnifying glass to check if the blast surface is clean and to identify any embedded grit particles. After this, the area is tested using dust contamination tape by placing the tape onto the surface, removing and then inspecting with a 10X magnifier.

A salt contamination test is then carried out to inspect the presence of salt on the blasted area. This is achieved through the application of an agitate test solution, then using the test pipette to ascertain the level of salt.

Afterwards, check the bond strength and thickness meets specification.

TSA is applied by the flame spray process using a Metallisation MK73 system with long supplies package to assist in accessing hard to reach areas.