TSA footbridge

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Video of a MK73 Flame Spray being used on a Footbridge

Video of Thermal Spray Aluminium being applied to footbridge with MK73 flame spray.

Metallisation MK73 flame spray systems are used to spray aluminium (TSA) as a corrosion protection coating to a footbridge for a railway crossing.

A MK73 flame spray being used on a footbridge formed of two 12 metre stair sections and a 20 metre long main bridge deck and support columns.

Aluminium coating specification

- Blast to SA3, 70-100 Micron profile.
- Thermal Spray Zn or Al to 100 Microns minimum Dft.
- Epoxy Sealer, maximum 25 Microns Dft.
- Primer and top coat to suit the final installation.
- TSA applied with MK73 Flame Spray system.