Thermal spray coatings for manufacturing applications

Application Data Sheets

cooked food

Plasma reinforced coating system for cookware

Reason for use: To reinforce Fluoropolymer coating with a hard Ceramic coating Download PDF The application of Plasma sprayed ceramic 99216 as a reinforced coating has been proven to increases the working life of many types of cookware. Even above that achieved by Arcsprayed Stainless Steel (LE-WR-002). Introduction to Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coating By producing a thin Plasma sprayed layer the fluoropolymer coating penetrates the sprayed surface. This produces high bond strengths and allows the high wear resistant ceramic to…

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Laser Cladding MAP0018

Backing nickel electroforms

Reason for use: To offer a fast and low cost alternative, reducing the potential in some cases of tool distortion due to high residual plating stresses. Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Arcspray 340(16)-PLC View Product MK61-FS Wire Flame View Product Nickel electroforms are extensively used as tools for injection moulded plastics. Whilst they give excellent service, their production is slow and costly. In some cases, tool distortion may be caused by the high residual plating stresses. For…

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Flame Spray Hand Held

The Aluminium Spraying of Stud Welded Fasteners

Reason for use: To assist with attachment and produce a stronger weld as the aluminium acts as a fluxing agent. Download PDF Related Products MK73-FS Wire Flame View Product To assist with attachment and produce a stronger weld, aluminium is being used as a fluxing agent on welding fasteners. There are generally two methods of applying the aluminium to the fastener end. In some cases a small hole will be drilled in the centre of the fastener end then an…

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