Metallisation Product Overview

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A general product overview of the Metallisation process and product range covering flamespray, arcspray, plasma spray and HVOF systems plus turnkey automation.

Metallisation Flamespray

This video features hand-held and automatic flamesprays, using propane, acetylene fuel or powder.

Flamespray extensions are available for hard to access areas and come in 150, 300 and 450 mm long editions. They can be used using a rotating deflector to spray 180 degrees.

Metallisation Arcspray

Metallisation arcsprays are hand-held and automatic, featuring push/pull or push wire feed. These sprays are used for engineering and anti-corrosion spraying.

Arcspray extensions are also available for spraying internal bores and hard to access areas when hand spraying. These come in 0.15, 0.5, 1 and 1.5m lengths.

Metallisation HVOF

Our HVOF systems use liquid kerosene and offer main flow controls, with a simple touch screen interface and optional gas fuel systems.

Metallisation Plasma sprays

Metallisation's 50kW plasma spray system offers mass flow control, touch screen operation and up to 100kW options for pistols. Plasma sprays are used for dense, quality coatings like ceramics, cerments, metallic coatings, WC-Co and meet aerospace standards.

Metallisation Turnkey Solutions

Metallisation turnkey solutions are available for PG coating plants and include horizontal and vertical, as well as fully or semi-automatic spraying capabilities. Our turnkey solutions are used for oil industry pipes, ERW tube mill weld repair and MMPI / Multivoid aluminium tube coating systems.