MK73 FS – Equipment Spec

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Video specification outlining the Metallisation MK73 FS flamespray system.  Details the features and benefits of the Metallisation MK73 FS flamespray system.

Typical Applications

Covering a brief introduction to some typical thermal spray applications. Including:

  • TSZ for car body panel repair.
  • TSA onto an offshore platform.
  • TSA for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).
  • TSA on footbridge.

Typical System Configurations

Highlighting the range of typical system configurations. Including standard and 'reversed' extended versions. Variations of these configurations may be possible.

The MK73 Pistol

Detailing pistol features and benefits including the nozzle with spreader (standard) and without spreader. Also includes technical data and typical performance figures.

Supplies Packages

Highlighting the options and features of the standard and extended supplies packages available. Including the safety check valves fitted to the propane and oxygen hoses.

Control Board & Ancillaries

Control board features and benefits. Detailing the following features:

  • Safety Shut-Off Valve.
  • Flowmeter.
  • ARF Unit.
  • Panel Mounted Oxygen Regulator.
  • Optional additional Arrestors.

Regulators & Arrestors

Highlighting the features of the propane and oxygen regulators and gas flashback and oxygen flashback arrestors.

Wire Dispense

Detailing the features of the wire dispense options:

  • Wire Dispense/Straightener.
  • Wire Dispensing Cones.

Deflected Flame Spray Extension

Detailing the features of the deflected flame spray extension including available sizes, typical uses and the benefits of the rotator. Also includes technical data.