Arcspray process

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A video illustrating the Metallisation arcspray process.

An introduction to metal spraying (also know as thermal spraying), this video details the actions and benefits of a  twin wire arcspray system.

Benefits of Metallisation Arcspray systems

  • Push/Pull synchronous drive gives outstanding wire feed reliability of up to 20m.
  • The closed loop current control ensures reliable spray and ease of operation.

Coatings of zinc, aluminium, steels, copper, bronze and other materials can be sprayed for corrosion protection, engineering reclamation, surface modification and decoration.

The Metallisation arcspray features outstanding wire feed readability at up to 20m. The system boasts closed loop current control and gives reliable spray, with simple operation and over-current protection.

Typical applications of Metallisation Arcspray systems

Metallisation arcspray's can be used on gates, fences, railings and playgrounds, either painted or powder coated after metal spraying.

Our arcspray has been used on large steel applications like the Burj Al Arab hotel, as well as wind turbine towers and frameworks. Arcspay can be used for engineering coatings of steel and other hard materials for shaft repair/resurfacing.