ARC145(19) System Specification Video

Video specification outlining the Metallisation ARC145(19) twin wire arc spray machine.  Details the features and benefits of the Metallisation ARC145(19) arcspray system...Our most comprehensive arc spray unit to date!

The ARC145(19) Pistol

Detailing pistol features and benefits including the addition of the carbon fibre reinforced design, industrial 3D printed parts, the long contact tube and tip arrangement and reversible rollers for long life operation.

'19' Series Energiser

Energiser features and benefits for both the 250 and 350 Amp models. Including the new eco friendly Fan-On-Demand feature saving power and reducing noise, industrial plugs and sockets, and digital panel meters and air regulators with 'lock-off' potential.

'19' Series Wire Drive & Dispense

Details available models and the benefits and features of the drive unit including the new compact and light design, the heavy duty electric inverter drive motor for smooth wire control and independently adjustable wire tension for easy setup. Also details Drum and MIG reel dispense options.


New compact trolley allowing movement of drive and wire dispense. Features a removeable cover with channelling for supplies, preventing dust and damage.


Highlighting the options and features of the standard and extended supplies packages available. Including the twist & lock connectors on the power cables and quick release fittings on the air hoses.

Optional Accessories

Detailing the following optional accessories:

  • Arcbeam System Kit.
  • Arc Extension.
  • Remote Operations and Pendants.
  • '19' Series Data Kit.

Typical System Configurations

Highlighting the range of typical system configurations. Including standard and extended versions. Variations of these configurations may be possible.