Application of thermal spray zinc to wind towers

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Thermal spray zinc coating manually applied to a traditional cylindrical wind tower.

Metallisation ARC140/S350-CL systems are used to apply zinc coatings to the insides and outsides of wind towers.  The long supplies packages make spraying the internal areas of long towers a more simple and efficient process. The hand-held pistol is flexible to move around the spray areas and has a manageable throughput.

Metallised zinc coatings are applied predominantly to areas that may be damaged during assembly and installation.  The robust zinc coating will give sacrificial corrosion protection to areas where the paint coatings may be damaged.

Zinc coat metal spraying

The video illustrates the coating process from blast, thermal spray zinc applied to the prime and top coat of a traditional wind tower cylindrical sections.

Metallisation Arc Spray Systems

Metallisation ARC140/S350-CL systems used with 20m supplies and 10m extension supplies were used in the application. Long term corrosion protection was the purpose the of HVOF application for protection against atmospheric corrosion and friction of bolted joint faces.

The material used was zinc (2.3mm), the process was prepared by grit blasting, thermal spraying, then zinc with primer, mid-coat and top coat.