Steel Production

Thermal spray coatings for steel production

Application Data Sheets

Laser Cladding For Continous Caster Rolls

Laser Cladding for Continuous Caster Rolls

Reason for use: Increase wear resistance and provide an effective corrosion resistant barrier. Download PDF Related Products MET-CLAD View Product Laser cladding is a cost effective method of applying a relatively thin layer of an expensive, high performance alloy, which increases wear resistance and provides an effective corrosion resistant barrier. Laser Cladding for Continuous Caster Rolls Continuous caster rolls are used in the steel industry to cast continuous solid forms from liquid steel. The rolls are exposed to thermal fatigue,…

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Metallisation Zinc Iorn Pipe

Zinc spraying of ductile iron pipes

Reason for use: Corrosion protection Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 528E-ACD View Product 01E Aluminium View Product Over the last 40 years in Europe, the ductile iron pipe has progressively replaced the grey iron pipe. The manufacturers of ductile iron pipe world-wide are now looking to give their customers a 50 year guaranteed life on their pipes. One of the main factors which will determine the life of ductile iron pipe is its ability to resist corrosion. To guard against…

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Arc Spraying Of Mill Rolls

Arcspraying of mill rolls

Reason for use: Grip coating Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Arcspray 340(16)-PLC View Product Arcspray 528E(16)-ICC View Product In the past, tremendous problems have been associated with billet ‘biting’ on newly machined mill rolls. The rolls have a very smooth finish after being machined and therefore offer less surface friction on the billet to pull it through the mill stand. This problem occurs mainly where a large bite angle occurs in the roll pass design, that is…

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