Balconies / Railings

Thermal spray applications for the prevention of corrosion of balconies, fences, railings and architectural steel fabrications

Metal or thermal spraying for corrosion protection of steel is widely used in a large number of applications. One such range of applications is applying coatings to prevent corrosion of balconies, fences, railings and general architectural steel fabrications.

Commonly, thermal spray zinc (TSZ) coatings are applied either by the flame spray or twin wire arc spray process but depending on the environmental conditions and application requirements, zinc/aluminium (TSZA) or aluminium (TSA) coatings are applied.

Often, these items would be galvanised but thermal spray is an excellent alternative to the hot-dip-galvanise process. There is little to no heat distortion with thermal spray making it ideal for thin, lightweight structures which would normally distort in a hot-dip galvanising bath. The size of the objects to be sprayed is limitless allowing large balconies and fabrications to be coated without restriction of the size of the galvanising bath. The metal sprayed coating also gives an excellent base for subsequent paint or powder coating for aesthetic appearance.

The spray applied coatings offer sacrificial (zinc), barrier (aluminium) or a combination of protection in the case of zinc/aluminium alloy. Depending on the coating thickness and environment, independent standards (EN ISO 2063) suggests that coating life to first maintenance can exceed 20 years of protection.

The applications are wide ranging from domestic railings to playground equipment through to industrial equipment railing or sports facility barriers. The case studies and applications below give a small insight into the possibilities which also include some decorative coatings of copper and bronze.


Case Studies

Metal beams

Professional Coatings Adds Zinc Metal Spraying to Its Coatings Range

Reason for use: Corrosion protection of architectural steelwork. Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Deflected Flame Spray Extension View Product Professional Coatings Limited has purchased a Metallisation Arc 140/S350 system to add metal spraying as an option to its vast range of paint and powder coating finishes. Professional Coatings, based in Newbury, Berkshire, offers superior anti corrosion protective pre-treatment with architectural grade polyester and nylon-plastic coating systems to the manufacturing industry throughout the UK. Professional Coatings Limited In a recent…

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Working Metals

Working Metals Expands Its Metal Spraying With Metallisation Equipment

Reason for use: Decoration and corrosion protection Download PDF Related Products MK61-FS Wire Flame View Product Working Metals Limited, specialist architectural metalwork fabricators, has expanded its metal spraying services with the purchase of Metallisation equipment. Working Metals, based in Uckfield, East Sussex, provides bespoke commissioned contract work to individuals and businesses. The company has now added bronze and copper metal spraying to its services and is amazed with the results. Working Metals’ clients are mainly London based architects and are…

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Metal Spraying is Huge Success with Electro Metal Depositors

Reason for use: Corrosion protection of premium products in harsh environments Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Related Videos Arcspray process Further Reading Working Metals Expands Its Metal Spraying With Metallisation Equipment Metallisation customer, Electro Metal Depositors, is a huge fan of metal spraying and says its clients are thrilled with the results. Electro Metal Depositors Electro Metal Depositors, based in Oldham, Lancashire, provides anti corrosion and surface protection for all manner of equipment and structures including turnstiles,…

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Example Applications

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