Thermal spray applications in the Aerospace Industry

Thermal spray coatings have been widely used in a very wide range of demanding applications in the Aerospace industry.

As an engineer, maybe you have sat on a plane and wondered how such a hot jet engine operates without melting the steel. The answer is ceramic thermal barrier coatings applied by the plasma spray process.

How about those shiny hydraulic pistons on the landing gear – now commonly metal sprayed by the High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process with extremely hard wearing Tungsten Carbide coatings instead of chrome plating.

And the fan blades on a jet engine with incredibly close tolerances on the engine casing – plasma sprayed with abradable coatings.

Most recently, we are working on research projects with Rolls-Royce and University of Nottingham to miniaturise a spray system to enable on-wing repairs of thermal barrier coatings. You can see a video of the work on this project by clicking the twitter link below.

Plane Engine Metallisation

We also have customers spraying electrical heater elements onto carbon fibre parts to efficiently stop ice formation at the touch of a button.  Play the video above for some more insight into this.

Case Studies

Plasma image Metallisation Ltd

Aerospace engine repair functions

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