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Metallisation Sprayseal is a range of high-performance sealers for thermal spray coatings.

They are easy to use and can be applied by brushing, rolling, spraying or dipping.

The Sprayseal range is specially formulated to give full permeation into all porosity, voids and cracks in any thermal sprayed coating. The polymeric material is resistant to physical, thermal and chemical stress.

Sealers in this range:

  • SPRAYSEAL-F - Penetrating sealer for fine porosity.
  • SPRAYSEAL-C - Penetrating sealer for coarse porosity.
  • SPRAYSEAL-HT - Penetrating sealer for high temperature service.
  • SPRAYSEAL-E - Penetrating epoxy sealer for excellent chemical resistance.
  • SPRAYSEAL-T - Thinner for SPRAYSEAL F / C.

More details are available in the downloadable brochure.