MK74-PCC Auto Flame


The Metallisation MK74-PCC is a fully automatic flamespray system with mass flow control, which offers the ability to produce the highest quality, repeatable coatings.

The system provides a fully automatic sequence of flame, powder feed and purge. Fault sensors check for loss of flame, stoppages or powder out and can interlock to external automation to stop production and request assistance.  These features ensure continued operation, improved coating quality and minimised downtime.

The system is PC controlled with distributed I/O, for extreme reliability, comprising a touch screen HMI (with optional keyboard), mass flow control gas box and pistol.

Key Applications

  • Aerospace.
  • Abradables.
  • Thermal barriers.
  • Spray/fused coatings.

Key Features

  • Mass flow control of Oxygen, Fuel Gas and Air = repeatability.
  • Easy to use, intuitive operator interface.
  • PC control with touch screen.
  • Optional keyboard control or operator interface unit.
  • Unlimited recipes and parameter recording.
  • Manual or fully sequenced start-up, operation and shut-down.
  • Safety interlocks to prevent running without Nozzle Air.


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