Arcspray 1020

  • Engineering Applications Engineering
  • Robotic Operation Robotic
  • Anti-Corrosion Applications Anti-Corrosion
  • Initial Outlay - High Initial
    Outlay - High
  • Production Throughput - High Production
    Throughput - High


Introducing the ARC1020

The ultimate in reliability and precision for ultra-high throughput, demanding production applications with anti-corrosion coatings.

  • Reliability
  • Power
  • Capability

    A complete arc spraying system combining our NEW ARC1020 industrial pistol & (17) Model 1000 or 1500 Amp Energiser.

    The industrial pistol features a wire drive supplied at the heavy-duty pistol by a highly accurate, powerful AC Inverter motor, through a robust gearbox and drive roller system.

    The high performance pistol incorporates proven Metallisation technology, including a new and unique, constant geometry (CG) head. The air cap & concentrator now incorporates a new quarter twist lock system held in position with a spring loaded location plunger. This ensures smooth and consistent spray quality, & minimal downtime when changing consumable spares. Supreme flexibility is also a keynote of the ARC1020.

    The pistol connects to Metallisation energisers, either 1000 A or  1500 A rated, with the drive unit controller internally mounted.

    In addition, the system can easily be integrated into other production equipment such as ductile iron pipe processing plants, with the spray rate linked to production speed, to ensure perfect coating at all times.

    Please discuss your specific requirements with Metallisation.

  • Key Applications

  • Ductile Iron Pipes
  • LPG cylinder spraying
  • Railway tracks
  • Subsea riser pipes
  • Construction Piles
  • Wind Towers
  • Large Monopiles
  • Key Features


    Pistol Metallisation Ltd

    • Unprecedented performance.
    Carbon fibre reinforced cover.
    • Incremental tension adjustment.
    • Sealed gearbox.
    • Integrated spreader.
    • 900 W motor.


    Energiser Metallisation Ltd

    • New high contrast digital touchscreen display.
    • Data monitoring allows info to be read from energiser.
    • Industrial plugs / sockets.
    • 1000 or 1500 Amp options.


    Supplies Metallisation Ltd

    • 5, 10 and 25 meter supplies packages for integration to energisers as standard.
    • Conduits - 5 m as standard - Other lengths available.
    • Quick release at pistol end.



    • Suitable for fibre drum & larger capacity steel drums.
    • Specifically designed to Arcspraying with each side being individually insulated.
    • Small wire dispense options.


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