Metallisation Through The Decades

1909 - First patents for a metal spraying

Swiss inventor (pictured) Max Ulrich Schoop, invents a combustion process to melt wire and spray it onto objects.

1922 - Metallisation is born

Company is started to sell the spray system developed from the original design into the UK market.

1938 - First in-house flame spray system

Metallisation produces its first, own design of flame spray pistol, the MK16 for applying zinc and aluminium coatings.

Late 1960’s - Arc spray systems developed

Faster, more flexible, twin wire arc spray systems developed.

1980’s - HVOF and Plasma systems developed

Metallisation enters the high-end Engineering coating market with HVOF and Plasma spray systems.

Nineties and Noughties - Strong focus on usability and customer support

All systems developed to make operation and maintenance easier as we grow our worldwide market.

2015 - Metallisation brand evolves to what we know today

A full range of flame, arc, plasma, HVOF and laser cladding technology plus unrivalled service around the world.