Metallisation provides yet another successful turnkey solution for Umea University, Sweden, Installation November 2019

Reason for use:

Plasma spraying of Liquid feedstocks for nanostructured features

As a part of the development of new nanomaterials, Metallisation have developed and installed a Met-PCC plasma spray system along with integration of an ABB Robot capable of spraying liquid feedstock at the Physics Department at Umeå University, Sweden. The instrument will be used for research and development of functional coatings using powder or liquid feedstock.

What is Plasma Spraying?

Plasma spraying is a thermal deposition technique involving high temperatures, large particle speed, and high heating/cooling rates, in which the coating is built by injecting powders into the plasma jet with a carrier gas, and the impact and solidification of molten particles onto the surface results in a coating with lamellar structure. Although its main application concerns the use of ceramic and refractory materials, recently, the use of liquid feedstocks has opened an alternative route to produce a large variety of coatings with nanostructured features.

Turnkey Solution: The Process

The project initially started in August 2018 when Eduardo Gracia from Umeå University first enquired about our plasma system and the capability to spray liquid feedstock. Although Metallisation had no first-hand experience in applying this type of feedstock, we are well averse to plasma spraying technology, and altering our equipment to our customers’ needs is something we thrive on… the R and D team were confident we could achieve it.

After a demonstration of our plasma system and some pointers to Eduardo of how it can be done, it gave him the confidence to place the order with us, not just for the plasma system but also for an ABB robot to be integrated alongside it, including a full training package so that Eduardo and his team have the confidence to operate them both.

With the help from our special projects team we assisted Eduardo throughout the rest of his project- through guidance and pointers for how to install a spray booth and extraction unit along with the necessary pipework, ducting, power, and cooling requirements and other health and safety aspects to consider for a full turnkey installation.

During our factory acceptance test we also shared with him our knowledge and tips for the application itself and best practises for applying such unique coatings. We are confident that Eduardo can fully agree with our new website motto…” From design to manufacture, delivery to customer support, we’re with you all the way”.

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