Innovative robotics created in partnership with Rolls Royce

Metallisation are proud to be supporting Rolls-Royce in the revolutionary use of robotic snake arms as part of the future of engine maintenance.

The U.K engineering company announced the new development of FLARE, a pair of “snake” robots that will aid in maintenance, alongside the release of an animated video demonstrating how this innovative technology will work.

The partnership alongside a wide range of research organisations from around the world including the University of Nottingham and the Aerospace Technology Institute, is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK and will see to the improvement of how aircraft maintenance is carried out in the future.

Ben Hawkins, Metallisation, R&D Manager said: “The Flare project has been an excellent opportunity for Metallisation to assist Rolls Royce in developing an innovative solution to a real commercial problem. The level of uncertainty meant it has only been possible with the help of Innovate UK funding and there are certainly elements of the design that could improve our existing product portfolio”

The ‘snake’ robots themselves are flexible enough to travel through an engine, like an endoscope, before working together to carry out patch repairs to damaged thermal barrier coatings. Benefits of this new concept will include; speeding up inspections and eliminating the need to remove the aircraft engine in order for repair work to take place.

Richard Goodhead, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President – Marketing, said: “The advancements we are making in robotics are a great example of us bringing our IntelligentEngine vision to life.”