Innovative MET-CLAD system created by Metallisation and LASE

Our brand new system, the Metallisation MET-CLAD system has been created in partnership with laser cladding specialists, LASE Ltd.

Developed to improve laser cladding

We worked with South Wales based experts Lase Ltd to develop the innovative MET-CLAD system. Easy to operate using the simple control system and touch screen HMI, the MET-CLAD control system is based on the tried and tested Metallisation HVOF and Plasma control concept.

As well as being easy to operate, this new equipment has the potential to reach new levels of complexity for coating development,  including repeatable operations, barcode linking linked - all easily programmable by an operator.

As well as these programming benefits, another way in which the MET-CLAD system is superior is the ability to finely control the heat input to the substrate and the coating material, which allows a deposit of a two-phase Metal Matrix Composite Structure. This means the coating can have a softer, lower melting point material where a harder wearing, higher melting point material is suspended.

Created in partnership with LASE

Ben, who is a qualified CNC Programmer and his brother Sam Lester, were both instrumental on the project. Sam, the Technical Director at LASE had this to say:

“The MET- CLAD system is the result of a lot of work between us and Metallisation. I am delighted with the system, which is very easy to use and incredibly flexible. Traditionally, laser systems have been cumbersome and technically complex, which limited the uptake of laser cladding in industry. Now, thanks to the input of both LASE and Metallisation, we have a system that is robust, simple to use, incredibly effective.”

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