Metallisation Equipment uses TSA Coatings to Protect Footbridges

Reason for use:

Corrosion protection to Network Rail N1 specification

Solent Protective Coatings Limited (SPC) recently purchased additional metal spraying equipment from Metallisation in order to fulfil another contract win. SPC has been a customer of Metallisation for around two years and is a huge fan of metal spraying. The company purchased a new MK73 Flamespray system and arranged additional training for its operators to enhance their existing skills.

Solent Protective Coatings won a contract to metal spray a new footbridge to be installed over a railway track at Hilsea in Portsmouth. All components of the footbridge were metal sprayed including two 12 metre stair sections, the 20 metre long main bridge deck, weighing 10 tons, and the support columns. The surface of the bridge sections were grit blasted to SA 3 before being thermal sprayed with aluminium to 100 microns, using the Metallisation MK73 Flamespray system. An epoxy sealer was then applied to a maximum of 25 microns dry film thickness. A final primer and topcoat were applied to complete the project.

Flamespray MK73 System

Metal spraying involves the projection of small molten particles onto a blast prepared surface. Upon contact, the particles flatten onto the surface, freeze and mechanically bond, firstly onto the blasted substrate and then onto each other, as the coating thickness is increased. To create the molten particles, a heat source, a spray material and an atomisation/projection method are required.

In the Flamespray process a wire is fed by a driven roller system through the centre of an oxygen-fuel gas flame where it is melted. An annular air nozzle then applies a jet of high-pressure air, which atomises and projects the molten material, in this case aluminium, onto the bridge section surfaces.

Solent Protective Coatings Limited

Solent Protective Coatings Limited, based in Southampton, is a well established company specialising in surface preparation and protective coatings. Key services include blasting, steel preparation, protective coatings and UHP water blasting. Metallisation Limited is the global leader in metal spraying equipment and consumables. Metallisation also provides specialist training for its customers, ensuring maximum effectiveness of the metal spraying equipment and consumables.

David Skeates, Managing Director at Solent Protective Coatings, says: “We have a great relationship with the Metallisation Team. At Solent we are committed to building strong working relationships with our customers and partners. Metallisation shares these beliefs and provides an excellent service to us. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any company needing metal spraying equipment, consumables or training.”