Flamespray process

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Metallisation Flame Spray process

This video gives an introduction to the flame spray process, illustrating a host of diverse uses for our range of flame sprays.

Coatings of zinc, aluminium, steels, copper, bronze, molybdenum and other materials can be sprayed for corrosion protection, engineering reclamation, surface modification and decoration.

Our Flame Spray benefits

Our flame sprays allow you to minimise wastage using the effective start/stop control, as well as our adjustable spread spray stream which reduces overspray - allowing the coating of larger areas accurately.

All of our flame sprays are lightweight, agile and can be used on anything from small fabrications, fences or railings, to bridges and large steel structures.

Our Flame Spray Products

We have a host of flame sprays available, all capable of producing unbeatable anti-corrosion coatings:

MK73 Wire Flame
MK61 Wire Flame
MK66E-PC Auto Flame
MK74 Powder Flame