Thermal spray coatings for reclamation applications

Case Studies

Plasma image Metallisation Ltd

Aerospace engine repair functions

Reason for use: Thermal Spraying Equipment Providing Engineering Coatings Download PDF Related Products MK74-PCC Auto Flame View Product Met-PCC(PLAS) View Product Arcspray 145/S245-CL View Product Thermal sprayed coatings have been a recognised and trusted solution for engineering coatings in the aerospace industry for many years. Metallisation has been providing thermal spraying advice, training, support, equipment and consumables to a diverse range of industries around the world, including the aerospace industry, since 1922. Stringent requirements in the aerospace industry result in…

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Application Data Sheets

Laser Cladding MAP0018

The reclamation of cast steel clutch release levers by powderspray

Reason for use: Repair worn steel cast release levers Download PDF Related Products MK74 Powder Flame View Product The powder flame spray reclamation of clutch release levers and many other automotive components has now become common practice. By using the flame spraying process, considerable savings may be made over replacement costs. Savings of up to 50% are common where on large components, savings of up to 90% may be achieved. It is sometimes advisable to use fused coatings on components…

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Flamespray reclamation of ball bearing seats on rubber coated print rollers

Reason for use: Repair worn bearing seat without recoating the print roller with new rubber Download PDF MK61-FS Wire Flame View Product The printing, paper and packaging industries use a wide range of rubber coated steel rollers for applying ink adhesive or the transportation of paper. During use, the bearings at each end of the rubber coated rollers will become impregnated with ink, adhesive or other types of debris causing them to seize, inducing the roller shaft to rotate in…

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Arc Spraying Of Mill Rolls

Arcspraying of mill rolls

Reason for use: Grip coating Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Arcspray 340(16)-PLC View Product Arcspray 528E(16)-ICC View Product In the past, tremendous problems have been associated with billet ‘biting’ on newly machined mill rolls. The rolls have a very smooth finish after being machined and therefore offer less surface friction on the billet to pull it through the mill stand. This problem occurs mainly where a large bite angle occurs in the roll pass design, that is…

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