Chrome Replacement

Thermal spray coatings for chrome replacement applications

Application Data Sheets

Laser Cladding MAP0018

The arcspray reclamation of hydraulic rams

Reason for use: Repair of worn and damaged rams Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Arcspray 340(16)-PLC View Product Arcspray 528E(16)-ICC View Product The hydraulic Industry, like any other Industry, has its share of wear problems. These are generated by the very harsh operational conditions. The 103T arcspray coating offers the advantages of low friction and great wear resistance, with the added benefit of being able to repair deeply scored rams with one process. By using the Metallisation arcspray…

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METJET 4L HVOF Spraying Roller

HVOF Alternatives to Hard Chrome Plating

Reason for use: To replace Hard Chrome plating particularly where environmental pressures have reduced its use Download PDF Related Products Met-PCC(HVOF) View Product Chrome plating has been accepted and used for many years to provide hard wearing surfaces, however; American environmental legislation as forced the closure of many, many US plating contractors. To continue legal operations, those US contractors that have wished to remain in business have had to make major investments in new equipment and chemical handling plant. To…

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