Thermal spray coatings for high-temperature applications

Case Studies

Metallisation Arcspray process

Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator

Reason for use: Anti Corrosion Protective Systems (APS), oil refinery Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product One recent project saw the Metallisation Arcbeam spray concentrator used successfully at a Middle Eastern oil refinery. Metallisation’s customer, Anti Corrosion Protective Systems (APS), based in Dubai, has been using Metallisation Arcspray equipment for over twenty years across a variety of projects. Metallisation equipment is used around the globe on a daily basis to protect various structures and substrates from corrosion. One…

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Application Data Sheets


Protection of Iron and steel at Elevated Temperatures

Reason for use: Protection of Iron and steel at Elevated Temperatures Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Arcspray 340(16)-PLC View Product Arcspray 528E(16)-ICC View Product Unprotected iron and steel surfaces oxidise and corrode rapidly at elevated temperatures in the presence of industrial atmospheres, hot gases and condensation products. Experience within the Metallisation Group has shown that nickel-chromium alloys and/or aluminium coatings give protection and increase the life expectancy of steelwork up to temperatures as high as 1200°C. Because oxidation…

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Spinning Machine

Spinning Machine Trough Ceramic Coating

Reason for use: To length the service life of troughs and fall shoots used in the production of Ductile Iron Pipes Download PDF Related Products MK74 Powder Flame View Product MK73-FS Wire Flame View Product Introduction to Machine Through Ceramic Coating For many years with in the Ductile Iron pipe industry problems of short life expectancy of the troughs and fall chutes has been experienced on the Centrifugal Casting Machines (Spinning Machine), typically one trough per week. This has contributed…

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Example Applications


Exhaust pipes – anti-corrosion

Reason for use: To prevent external surface corrosion Download PDF Go to the Process Page Heat resistant surfaces produced by the metal spraying process have many applications; the photograph shows a rather unusual variation of this theme. Two independent exhaust systems, fabricated from steel tube in the Ford GT.40 sports car, have been metal sprayed with 175 microns (0.007”) of aluminium using the latest Metallisation Fine spray electric arc techniques. The treatment has been found to be fully effective in…

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