Thermal spray coatings for freshwater applications

Example Applications

Metallisation Water Storage Tank

Water storage tanks

Reason for use: Long Term Corrosion Protection Download PDF Go to the Process Page The photograph shows a Fylde Water Board Tower at Barnacre, near Garstang, Lancs. The tower was gritblasted to BS 4232, and then zinc sprayed to 175 microns (0.007”) followed by one coat of inhibitive sealer to Zn7/a. Fylde Water Board has adopted this Metallisation Protective System as their standard anti-corrosive treatment as it has proved over many years to be the optimum for efficiency, economy and…

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Jet Pump Dredger

Jet Pump Dredger – Quarry Lake

Reason for use: Long term corrosion protection in abrasive environment Download PDF Related Products MK73-FS Wire Flame View Product Since the metal spraying process was pioneered in the U.K. by Metallisation Ltd., of Dudley, West Midlands, one of its principal applications has been as an anti-corrosive protective treatment for structural and other steelwork. The Zinc Spraying of a new Jet Pump Dredger provides an interesting example of the very widespread use of metal spraying. The dredger extracts sand by high-pressure…

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