Thermal spray coatings for marine applications

Case Study


Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats

Reason for use: Parkol Marine Engineering, based in Whitby, has recently applied a thermal sprayed zinc coating to a new whitefish trawler, the Resilient LK195, to protect it from corrosion. Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 150/S500(16)-CL View Product Further Reading Protecting Ships and Trawlers from Corrosion Ten Diverse Applications For Metal Spraying Metallisation’s thermal spraying equipment has been protecting a diverse range of surfaces, structures and vessels for over ninety years and continues to be the chosen solution for many…

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Metallisation Ship

Protecting Ships and Trawlers from Corrosion

Reason for use: The anti-corrosive properties of the metal spraying process are widely recognised in the shipping and marine industry Download PDF Related Products Arcspray 145/S345-CL View Product Metal or thermal spraying is a technology, which protects or extends the life of a wide variety of structures in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for safety and performance. Thermal spraying is carried out in a wide range of anti- corrosion or engineering markets. Typical applications include the…

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Deflected Flame Extension used on RNLI Launch Carriers

Reason for use: Corrosion protection Download PDF Related Products Deflected Flame Spray Extension View Product Related Videos Metallisation Deflected flamespray extension Further Reading Protecting Ships and Trawlers from Corrosion The new Metallisation deflected flame spray extension has been used to protect a new Supacat Launch and Recovery System (L&RS), which has been designed for the RNLI (The Royal National Lifeboat Institution). Deflected Flame Extension The deflected flame spray extension was launched in July 2010 and Perryfields was one of the first companies…

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Application Data Sheets

Cargo ship

Flamespray reclamation of rudder posts

Reason for use: Reclamation of worn rudder posts Download PDF Related Products MK61-FS Wire Flame View Product The Shipping Industry, like any other Industry, has its share of wear problems. These are generated by the very harsh conditions of a Marine Environment; ships are sometimes at sea for months at a time with limited regular maintenance to some of the extreme areas. The rudder post which will only have limited access during a voyage can be one of the offending…

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Example Applications

Jet Pump Dredger

Jet Pump Dredger – Quarry Lake

Reason for use: Long term corrosion protection in abrasive environment Download PDF Related Products MK73-FS Wire Flame View Product Since the metal spraying process was pioneered in the U.K. by Metallisation Ltd., of Dudley, West Midlands, one of its principal applications has been as an anti-corrosive protective treatment for structural and other steelwork. The Zinc Spraying of a new Jet Pump Dredger provides an interesting example of the very widespread use of metal spraying. The dredger extracts sand by high-pressure…

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Ship Walkways

Ships walkways / heli-decks

Reason for use: Corrosion protection. Can also be sprayed as a rough coating or with Al-Oxide for non-skid surface Download PDF Metallisation corrosion protection The structural steelwork of a helicopter landing platform is protected against the severe corrosion attach of its marine environment by the Metallisation Arcspray process. The application calls for gritblasting and aluminium spraying to a depth of 150µm (0.006”) in accordance with BS EN.22063. The sprayed surface is then treated with an Olive Green single pack inhibitive Sealer,…

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Turret on battleship

Ships gun turrets

Reason for use: The anti-corrosive properties of the metal spraying process are widely recognised in the shipping and marine industry Download PDF

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