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Thermal spray applications for the automotive and transport industry

The automotive and transport industry has been a long-time adopter of thermal spray technology.

We have broken down this section into two categories, covering corrosion protection applications and engineering applications. Click on each heading for more detail.

In some cases, coatings can address both corrosion and engineering requirements for example with ceramic coatings in exhaust manifolds. These protect the manifold from corroding but the main function is to stop thermal transfer from the exhaust into the engine bay.

Many of the examples shown in this section have been in use for decades, but are still widely used today in various sectors of the industry although over the years, the primary uses may have changed. Crankshaft repair is a great example of this. Historically, general car crankshafts were commonly repaired. Nowadays in most parts of the developed world, it is just as cheap to get a new, mass produced crankshaft. However, the technology is still widely used for large industrial engines, vintage vehicles and specialist compressors.

The possibilities for thermal spray coatings in the automotive and railway industry is virtually endless and we can’t list them all. If you can’t find specifically what you are looking for, we’d be delighted to chat over your thermal spray coating needs to see if we have a solution that fits.

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