Plasma Spray

Plasma is the term used to describe gas which has been raised to such a high temperature that it ionises and becomes electrically conductive.

In the case of Plasma spraying, the plasma is created by striking an electric arc between the nozzle and the electrode inside the plasma gun. The plasma jet then emerges from the nozzle.

Powder particles are injected into this jet where they soften and then strike the surface at high velocity to produce a strongly adherent coating.

Metallisation offer a Pistol Control Console plasma spray system that is capable to spray a range of commonly available plasma pistols, as well as our own PS50 pistol.

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FAQs About Plasma Spray

The plasma spray process uses an arc between two non-consumable electrodes to provide a plasma gas stream. Typically a powder feedstock is introduced into this plasma gas stream to heat the particles and propel them onto a surface to form a coating.

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