Metallisation and Covid-19

Update 20 September 2022

This update defines the current status of Metallisation’s activity as we continue to transition to life working alongside Covid-19.

We are very pleased to advise that our efforts to keep operational over the last 2 ½ years and with the safety of our staff of paramount importance has been largely successful.  At various points in time, we have been independently audited and verified that we are following all of the correct guidelines for safe working practice.  The factory has remained open and our office staff have now transitioned to a hybrid home and office working model.  We hope that our standard of service has not dropped during this time.

At Metallisation, we like to think that we have returned to a ‘new normal’, maintaining a healthy respect for the continued presence of Covid-19 and learning from the best and worst practices that we have encountered over the past 2 ½ years.

We continue to assess the value of visitors to the Metallisation site.  For this reason, drop-in visitors to Metallisation will be turned away and we encourage suppliers and customers by pre-arranged meetings only.

We have learned a lot about remote working practices over the last 2 ½ years and we wish to embrace the best lessons learned as we moved forward.  Our remote working practices have been very successful with customers and suppliers.  We have found that remotely, we can achieve a great deal with a high level of efficiency for both us and our customers/suppliers in the early stages of a project development.  It is of course beneficial to have face-to-face contact and once we have progressed a project well with remote communication, we will gladly meet in-person with the aim to further the project development with structured and meaningful discussions that have been prepared for beforehand.  We have experienced that the remote pre-work before meetings significantly increases the value and benefit of any face-to-face meeting.

The world is a rapidly changing place and we are still experiencing some issues with supply chain and global shipping, as well as significant price increases.  We are doing our very best to manage these situations and minimise the impact on our customers.  Where there is impact, we are doing our best to keep interested parties fully aware of the status of their orders.

Our service team are also now able to be more active both in the UK and overseas.  We continue to offer our remote support and encourage customers where possible to return their systems to us for repairs as another efficient option worth considering.  We have learned much about remote training and support and will continue to offer this as part of our customer service experience.

For our overseas customers, some travel restrictions still remain in place and we will continue to assess each requirement to travel on a case-by-case basis.  Overall, we are looking forward to being able to travel again in a safe, controlled and efficient manner.  Our remote support options continue by phone, email and video conferencing.

During any face-to-face contact, we will observe the latest guidelines on hygiene, social distancing and any other relevant actions to keep us all safe.  If at any time our staff feel unsafe and their concerns are not addressed immediately, they are empowered to politely bring the meeting/visit to a close.  We appreciate your support and understanding in this manner.  We are of course very happy to comply with your customer site risk assessment requirements as well.

As much as possible, we maintain the mantra of ‘business as usual’ providing excellence in our products, support and innovation.  We believe that we continue to be able to do this with a healthy respect to the safe working practices to work in harmony with this global pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that you all remain safe as we transition to the next phase of living with Covid-19.

Stuart Milton
Managing Director

Corona Man