Metallisation MD in 3 Lake Challenge

Metallisation MD, Dr Terry Lester will be undertaking the 3 Lakes Challenge in July 2010 to raise money for Cancer Research.

If you'd like to sponser Terry and his able colleagues for this challenge, please visit

What is the 3 Lake Challenge?

In a similar principle to the 3 Peaks Challenge, the 3 Lakes Challenge is to dive the three highest altitude lakes on the British mainland in the fastest time possible (and you are deemed to have failed if it's not done in 24 hours!)

There's a Youtube video on for more info.

The 3 lakes are:

Loch Coire an Lochan, Cairngorms
(altitude 996 metres)

Red Tarn, Lake District
(altitude 718 metres)

Ffynnon Lloer, North Wales
(altitude 650 metres)

General Information

The clock starts ticking from when you leave the car park to start the walk to the first lake. divers must carry all of their own equipment in order to complete a minimum of 10 minutes, fully immersed dive in each lake. The driving distance between lakes is 436 miles.

The first people to do this were an ex-Marine (Monty Halls) and an ex-Para (Andy Torbet) and it took them 23 hours and 10 minutes. Terry is an ex-boy scout so we are hopeful that he and his team will smash this by some seconds.

We at Metallisation all wish Terry every success as finding a replacement MD is both time consuming and expensive! Good luck Terry - we'll be thinking of you as we enjoy a mid-July sunny weekend, BBQ on and drink in hand.